Q. Are all Bookkeepers permitted to prepare and lodge an approved form for a client that relates to a          GST, PAYG withholding, PATG instalment or FBT instalment obligations?

A. No Sec. 251L(6) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 only permits Bookkeepers who fall under the                following exception to Prepare and/or lodge a BAS form on behalf of his client, or provide any advice about             how to do this, or advise them about BAS Provisions and charge a fee. It is an offence and offenders can               be prosecuted and fined up to $22,000 for breach of this Law. Under the exemptions, bookkeepers may               prepare, lodge and charge for the provision of BAS Services if they are:

          • member of a recognized professional association
          • working under the direction of a registered tax agent, or
          • a payroll services provider preparing a BAS only for PAYG withholding obligations

    By engaging CCPL Bookkeeping Services you know that you are dealing with a qualified and an NIA                       Registered Bookkeeper who is permitted by Law to prepare and lodge all Business Activity Statement items.

Q. What if my bookkeeper makes a mistake and costs me a lot of money? Am I covered?

A. Yes if you choose CCPL Bookkeeping to manage all your bookkeeping needs you will be covered by their                 Professional Indemnity Insurance that covers you for any financial losses encountered.

Q. Are all Bookkeepers experienced and qualified to practice as Bookkeepers?

A. No, not all Bookkeepers are qualified, Short courses and 2 Day seminars does not constituted as a                       qualification. Our Staff at CCPL Bookkeeping Services are, not only Degree Qualified, they posses 8 Years               practical experience in Industry & Public Accounting Practice. At CCPL Bookkeeping Services, we know what           we are talking about!